Publishing Experts, LLC offers a comprehensive array of services to guide you through the process of publishing your book. Whether you require editing services, book design, a captivating cover, a website overhaul, marketing assistance, or expert advice, Publishing Experts, LLC is equipped to provide every service necessary to facilitate the successful publication and sale of your book.

Juan Galvan, the proprietor of Publishing Experts, LLC, is not only a seasoned author but also an accomplished editor and a dedicated advocate for Latino Muslims. Having navigated the intricate and challenging landscape of self-publishing for his debut book, which involved aspects such as cover design, formatting, editing, and marketing, Juan has amassed a wealth of knowledge about book publishing and online distribution.

With several successful books to his credit, Juan’s mission is to empower aspiring writers by educating them about the most suitable publishing options, arming them with the tools needed to make informed decisions and realize their authorial aspirations.

Embarking on the journey of publishing can be daunting, considering the myriad challenges and the abundance of information available. Juan firmly believes that anyone can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, and he ardently wishes for aspiring authors worldwide to share their literary creations with the global audience.