What is Assisted Self-Publishing?

Assisted Self-Publishing: A VERY brief study of the road less traveled in publishing is a publishing guidebook which explores the world of Assisted Self-Publishing. This book examines the pros and cons of ASP, as well as the key differences which separate it from Vanity Publishing and the possible future of the industry.

In the digital age, it’s never been easier to put books into the world without needing to rely on a publishing house – but with so much information it can be difficult for aspiring authors to know where to start. This book provides a brief study of Assisted Self-Publishing, its market trends, and the possible future for this form of publishing, giving writers the knowledge they need to decide if ASP is right for them.

With several books under his belt, Juan Galvan has collected a wide range of knowledge about the different forms of publishing and online book distribution. In Assisted Self-Publishing, his goal is to educate aspiring writers on the best publishing options for them, giving them the tools they need to make the right choices and succeed with their author dreams.